Races May Be Virtual, But The Swag Bags Are Very Real

  • Jun 7, 2020

​Ideas For Virtual 5Ks, 10Ks And Marathons

With social-distancing guidelines affecting so many events, lots of organizers have decided to move the experiences online. Conferences, job fairs, commencement ceremonies and campus visits have all gone virtual.

Whether the virtual race is being staged as a fundraiser or for pure competition, we can help you build a swag bag runners will love.

Ready, Set, Go! Ideas For Your Virtual Race Swag Bag

First things first – the bag. The Oriole Drawstring Bag comes in more than 15 colors, from basic black to pink, orange and purple – there's even a reflective style, which is always popular with runners. And inventory's key when you've got a big event, which is why we keep deep stock on this versatile top-selling cinch.

Oriole Reflective Drawstring Bag

Oriole Drawstring Bag


Can't have a swag bag without an official race t-shirt. The Omi Tech Tee is made with a moisture-wicking micro-polyester, perfect for staying cool and comfortable during training runs.

Omi Tech Tee


Next up: a water bottle. The Marley 32oz Sports Bottle is a BPA-free, Made In USA option at a great price. Or for something a little different, the Fruit Infuser 25oz Sports Bottle (also BPA-free and Made In USA) makes it easy to add some natural flavor to your water.

Marley 32oz Sports Bottle

Fruit Infuser 25oz Sports Bottle


Until a couple months ago, a face covering would've seemed like an odd choice for a swag bag. But now it might be the one piece of swag runners use most. The versatile Dade Snood can be worn around the neck and easily pulled up over the mouth and nose when needed – plus it's got UPF 40+ UV protection. And it's comfy too, made with the same breathable, moisture-wicking fabric as the popular Dade Polo.

Dade Snood


Most people prefer different earbuds for working out than the more expensive ones they use for, well, activities that don't involve heavy perspiration. The great thing about these ones is they've got three types of inputs, so they're compatible with just about any kind of phone.

Wired Earbuds With Multi-Tips

OK, time to talk cooling towels. Our Recycled PET Cooling Towel is an eco-friendly option that can also be used as a face covering. Made with recycled plastic, one percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits. Or you can hit the fitness theme a little harder with a kit that also features a resistance loop.

Recycled PET Eco Cooling Fitness Towel

Cooling Towel And Resistance Loop In Pouch


Wanna make an event more fun? These Light Up Shoelaces have three modes – solid, flashing and blinking.

Light Up Shoelaces


As long as we're on the subject of things that glow, our silicone Light Up Wristband is an easy way for runners to make themselves visible when it's dark out.

Light Up Wristband


Last but not least, let's not forget about those post-race aches and pains. While you can't get everyone an appointment with a masseuse, aromatic crystals in peppermint, lavender, rose and tea tree are a nice way to relax.

Indulge 4-Piece Spa Scents Set


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